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June Prayer Requests from WMF Argentina

14 June 2010

The latest updates & prayer needs from our community in Buenos Aires…

1) WMF Gathering – This July our entire WMF community of North American staff will come together in Nebraska for a tri-annual Gathering to deepen relationships with one another, retreat together, and support one another through various meetings, discussions, reflections and prayer. This means that our Buenos Aires community will begin to travel to the U.S. soon and have staggered time away throughout June, July, and August. Please pray for our friends in our absence during this time and our Argentine partners who will be visiting them when possible.

2) Encuentros – We will have two more Encuentros at the church with youth in June before we are all in the U.S. Please pray for these times together and that God would enrich and deepen our friendships. Pray that the youth would experience God’s love for them and seek to know and follow Jesus.

3) Apoyo Escolar – Our after-school tutoring program at the church continues for the children in our neighborhood two days a week. These same children attend a Saturday event at the church and Sunday school each week. Please pray for these deepening relationships and opportunities to share the love of Jesus with children and their families. Please pray for the sustainability of the tutoring program in our absence this winter.

4) Servant Team – Our Buenos Aires community will welcome our second Servant Team this August. Please pray, specifically, for Jeremiah and Jennifer Dean as they make plans and settle logistics for the team of four young adults for the four months they will be here.

5) Office Space – In April our community sent out a community letter sharing our next steps in partnership here in Buenos Aires. To read the letter, click here. We shared financial needs to set-up our new office space. We are grateful for the generous response of supporters which provided all the initial funds needed for the office space. We are in process of painting and setting up the office this month. Please pray for our remaining financial needs to cover ongoing monthly expenses.

6) Argentine Organization – Our community letter also shared about establishing an Argentine association and board of directors. Very soon we hope to submit all the paperwork to the attorney to establish this organizational structure and leadership. Please pray for all the remaining pieces that need to come together in the weeks and months ahead.

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  1. Michael Yuen says:

    Our City of Pasadena, California, U.S.A., Lake Avenue Church’s Sanctuary Choir will be touring some churches and cities in the country of Argentina in August 2011. In preparation, we need information about the latest prayer needs so we can prepare ourselves and our church. This information can be substance for our prayer/financial support letters as well.

    Can you recommend some internet sites to us please? We have access Operation World Prayer Guide to the Nations already.

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