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June Prayer Needs & Community Photo

7 June 2011

WMF Argentina ~ June 2011

Thank you for partnering with WMF Argentina in prayer. Here are some specific ways you can pray for our community this June.

1) Deans Departure – After three and a half years of service in Buenos Aires, the Dean family will conclude their service in Buenos Aires and return to the United States on June 25. We are grateful for the many ways the Deans have served and invested in the life of our community and friends here. We will miss them deeply. Please pray for Jeremiah, Jennifer, Jordan, Selah and Elias Dean these remaining weeks of goodbyes and transition. Many despedidas and farewells are ahead. Pray that we would all experience God’s love and grace in all the goodbyes ahead.

2) Winter Cold – We continue spending time with youth and young adults at Retiro train station a few afternoons a week. The month of June began with an early blast of winter cold. Please pray for our friends who either live on the streets or live in homes without heat. Most of our recent greetings and conversations at the train station usually begin with how cold it is. Please pray for our friends who suffer in the cold and for their health this cold and flu season.

3) Forcattos’ Sabbatical – The Forcatto family continue to receive sabbatical until September 1. Please continue to pray for the Forcattos during this season of rest, refreshment, and renewal.

4) Argentine Organization – It has been a long process registering as an Argentine organization. We are hopeful that we have now received our final required paperwork to complete the process. Please pray that all the remaining pieces would come together in the weeks ahead. We look forward to the leadership and voices that our Argentine board of directors will provide.

5) Finally – With the Deans departure and the Forcattos sabbatical, David Bayne will be will be the only WMF staff serving in Buenos Aires for two months. Please pray for David as he continues to deepen relationships with our friends at Retiro. Pray for our Argentine church and partners when they are able to assist. Pray that David would be attentive to the ways he can creatively accompany and serve our friends in July and August.

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