The Cry

Back to School ~ Vuelta al Cole

13 March 2012

March in the Southern Hemisphere means back to school. Kids in Buenos Aires have been settling back into the new school year these first few weeks of March. Recently, David Bayne returned to Buenos Aires from California with fifty pounds of school supplies collected by the kids of Grace Community Church of Seal Beach. We have now shared 12 packs of various school supplies with the children we know from the Retiro train station. We also look forward to sharing an additional 25 packs of supplies with other children in need at Retiro and in our neighborhood. Plus, we have an abundance of extra supplies to share as needed throughout the school year.

Please pray for these children as they begin the new school year (some for the very first time). Thank you Grace Community Church kids and Ethan (age eight) who coordinated this project! The photo below is just a portion of all the supplies collected.

A few additional and specific needs have come up in recent weeks (school uniforms, special notebooks, etc.). For more information on these needs, please email David Bayne (

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