For the last 35 years Argentina has experienced a general crisis that has affected almost every area of society. The military coup d’ etat in 1976, the return of a weak democracy in the early 80′s and 10 years of a crude neo-liberal political model beginning in 1990 thrust nearly 50% of Argentina’s population into poverty. All this culminated in the economic and social crisis of 2001 that not only resulted in a breakdown in the political, social and economic spheres but also cost the lives of dozens of people.

Like many other Latin American countries, Argentina is attempting to reverse this situation by leaving behind harmful and unjust political and econonmic models. For this to occur the country needs to foster and develop greater equality in the distribution of its resources and newly found economic growth.

  1. Mission Statement

    • WMF Argentina, in collaboration with Argentine partners, is called to serve and discover Jesus among vulnerable children and young adults living in poverty. Through mutual friendships based on love and trust, we accompany our excluded friends in experiencing and knowing Jesus and a fuller life in God. Intentional hospitality is essential to our ministry creating a space for intimacy with God and neighbor.
  2. Ministry Descriptions

    • Ministry Among Youth in Retiro
      Retiro is a central transportation hub through which hundreds of thousands of people pass daily. Staff make regular visits to the youth in the subway stations and plazas of this area of Buenos Aires bringing a simple snack, activities and games, and the love of Jesus. Through these visits, staff hope to nurture relationship, build trust and meet new youth.Encuentros
      Once a week, local church Iglesia Evangélica Bautista de Constitución opens up its fellowship space to the youth from Retiro. The center provides a safe, welcoming environment away from the streets of the city. Our goal is to deepen significant relationships with the youth by participating together in varied activities, games and Bible studies and by sharing a meal together.Home Visits/Discipleship
      Visits are made to those youth who have a home or a stable living situation, in hopes of maintaining and nurturing relationship. Our goal is to show God’s love and commitment to them through our consistent and committed presence, relational and potential professional follow-up, and to facilitate healthy fellowship through sustained contact with a community of believers.

      After-School Tutoring
      WMF is in partnership with Iglesia Evangélica Bautista de Constitución in providing an after-school tutoring program for the kids in the Barracas neighborhood. On average 15-20 children attended twice a week. The goal is to provide educational assistance and relational support and accompaniment, a healthy snack and informational meetings for parents. Through this integrated approach, our desire is to deepen relationships and friendships with the children and parents alike.