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David was born in Denver, CO, and moved to Omaha, NE, with his family when he was 11. Following the move to Nebraska, he struggled through conflicts with his family. God had His hand on David's life, though. David accepted Jesus in early 1992 because of a friend who reached out to him. At the time of David's salvation, God also placed a call on him to be involved in missions. As he would read the Scriptures and pray, God would break his heart with visions and dreams of a dying world. Part of that calling was fulfilled in missions trips to India, Mexico, Romania and Moldova. As a student, David studied in Romania, where he began to spend time with street children. In 1996, he received an international business degree from the University of Nebraska. In 1998, David returned to Romania with WMF, where he started a WMF site in Galati, serving among street children, children with HIV, and the Roma (gypsy) community.

Lenuta (pronounced "Lenut-sa") was born in the small town of Cudalbi, in Galati County, Romania, the eldest of three children in a family that kept the Romanian orthodox traditions but didn't know God. In her school years, she adhered to communist doctrine because she wanted to dedicate her life to an ideal. She was taught that those who spoke of faith in God had attitudes from the Middle Ages and were obstacles to society's progress. At 18, she became a teacher at a grade school in Galati. The same year, her parents decided to follow Christ. She saw great changes in their lives, but her mind was already very grounded in communist ideology. After eight years of questions and interior struggle, she surrendered to the love of Christ. She began to go to the Pentecostal church her parents attended. In 1998, she met David. She saw how he related to the children of the streets, whom she had ignored until then. She prayed for God's direction in her life, and soon the leaders of a local children's home asked her if she wanted to work with them in their home, with children who had lived on the streets. She worked there for a year and then returned to teaching public school. In 2000, two children with whom WMF worked were in her class, and she became more involved with the Valley House (WMF community center). In 2001, she became the chairperson of the WMF Romania board of directors.

Lenuta and David were married in 2002. Since 2005, Lenuta as an educator for the schoolchildren at the Valley House. David is the Europe/Africa Regional Coordinator. He is studying theology in a distance study program through the London School of Theology.


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