Bolivia is beautifully diverse and rich in natural resources, yet one of the poorest nations in Latin America. The capital city La Paz and its crowning metropolis, El Alto, are striking at 13,300 feet above sea level. With its raw poverty, intense environment and notorious reputation, it stands as an ideal urban center for service among the most vulnerable.

Here racism runs deep, as do tightly held folk traditions intertwined with modern-day expressions of faith. Men tend to wander, women are undervalued, children often overlooked. But WMF Bolivia has made a home here and from our smallest acts of love, we persistently work towards Transformation and hold on to Hope.

Specifically, we work directly with those in the sex trade. We understand that when a woman feels there is no other option, she may turn to the streets. Maybe hungry tummies await her at home or debts crowd heavy around her. Maybe he beats her viciously and she’s inconceivably trapped. Most likely someone wounded her long ago, and under desperate circumstances, she considers the unthinkable. Over time she withers away, hating what she does, yet unable to see any other way out.

The WMF community accompanies her during this journey, sharing the Hope we have in Christ along the way.

    1. Vision

    2. Abundant life for those affected by prostitution in Bolivia.
    3. Mission

    4. In community we seek to practice and proclaim the Kingdom of God among persons affected by prostitution, through relationship and opportunities for transformation.
    5. Presence (Awaken)

    6. We seek solidarity and understanding. We value presence and relationships. We desire to be compassionate people and witnesses of Hope in dark places. For that reason, we visit the largest red light district in El Alto each week – and have done so consistently for the last decade. We offer a ministry of presence, compassion, encouragement and prayer, along with an invitation to the House of Hope.
    7. Paso a Paso (Heal)

    8. At Casa Esperanza, we sit at the table together. We listen to stories, and we share our own. This is a place of connection and mutuality, a space where women can come and know they are loved and valued.
    9. We offer hospitality, discipleship, medical support, workshops, tutoring and childcare to women in prostitution and their families. It is a place of hope and healing – a refuge – where women are challenged to seek the Lord’s best for their lives.
    10. Suti Sana (Equip)

    11. When a woman decides she’s had enough, and realizes she’s worth more than a few night’s tricks. When she can begin to catch a glimpse of something better for herself and her children, Suti Sana can be her way out.
    12. Suti Sana micro-business, is an alternative economic option with therapeutic support, for women in prostitution. Surrounded by a supportive community, a woman receives job security and skills training in a safe and dignified work environment. In addition, she learns new life skills and rhythms, is invited to address the deep issues that led her to her reality and can find space and guidance to respond to that still soft Voice.
    13. You can help support a woman in her journey to Freedom and Transformation with your Suti Sana purchase here.