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Reflecting on Epoch, an update from Andrea Baker

29 May 2013
Andrea Baker

Check out this video update from Adventures in Missions, after awarding the Bolivia community in 2011 for “Outstanding Work in the Lives of Individuals.”

Support Her Freedom!

8 August 2012
Andrea Baker

Suti Sana, a project of Word Made Flesh Bolivia, is an alternative economic option for  women desiring to exit prostitution. Support her journey with your purchase. Visit!

Prayer Requests

27 March 2012
Andrea Baker

For the Lord to move hearts on behalf of sexually exploited women and to raise up consistent monthly supporters for the ministry.
We are dangerously close to shutting down all programming for lack of funds.

A Lady Like Elle

20 March 2012
Andrea Baker

Spring is upon us, or so it seems. New life, color, and growth emerge out of the brown and gray and cold of winter past. Today I discovered my chives. New, tender green shoots growing up right through the middle of the dead and brown remnant of what once was. That is miraculous. And it reminds me of my friend Elle. Originally from Argentina, I met Elle four years ago in Bolivia. Her tender shoots of new life were my first impressions; I had no idea the story of her life’s winter.

On Christmas: The Darkest Night of the Year

23 December 2011
Andrea Baker

“A night both dark and sacred. Quiet enough to crave the cry of a baby king, black enough to welcome the light of the star of Bethlehem. The Darkest Night of the Year.”

Reflecting on the Epic Epoch Missions Gala

26 October 2011
Andrea Baker

Over the last few months, we’ve been praying – quietly, fervently, patiently awaiting the Lord’s provision.

Cruising Calle Siete

19 October 2011
Andrea Baker

A former WMF missionary recalls the mud-brick walls and open sewer’s of La Paz’s red-light district – and what she learned from the women there.

The House of Hope celebrates 8 years!

3 October 2011
Andrea Baker

At Casa Esperanza, we sit at the table together. We listen to stories, and we share our own. This is a place of connection and mutuality, a space where women can come and know they are loved and valued. We offer hospitality, discipleship, medical support, workshops, tutoring and childcare to women in prostitution and their  […]

Laying Sorrows Down

13 September 2011
Andrea Baker

It has taken me awhile to realize that I’m grieving.

What I’ve Learned…

7 September 2011
Andrea Baker

This August we celebrated 10 years of life in Bolivia. This is hugely significant, for me at least.