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Founding Meeting – WMF Brasil

6 August 2009

It’s a very exciting time in the life of our community here in Brazil. After much planning, preparing and praying, a group of committed Brazilians and Americans sat down and officially had the founding meeting of the WMF NGO in Brasil. It was a great time of fellowship, discussing who Word Made Flesh is and imagining the possibilities of what God has for our friends here in Rio de Janeiro. Each person has their own walk with Jesus and is connected to our community in different ways, yet the communality of our desire to see the poor transformed through community and communion with Christ spoke volumes to my heart.

Esdrianne Cohen (Women’s program director) led our meeting. Sharing some of what Word Made Flesh believes, she described part of our history here in Brasil and current minstry activites. We then went on to approve the statutes and select the board of directors. Associacao Palavra Encarnada will be the official name and Esdrianne will serves as our first board president. As we see Brazilians stepping into positions of leadership,  I’m  reminded of our prayer for local Christians to responded to the needs of the poor here in Rio.

Though our community has had a presence here for 7 years, only in the past two have we been pursuing legal status. Sometimes I wonder if there is ever an end to the Brasilian bureaucracy machine. I’ve dealt plenty with trying to navigate it in personal matters, but founding a legal NGO offered its own challenges. But meeting after meeting, God was faithful to keep open the rights doors for us. Our staff feel a great sense of achievement.

Keep praying for this process. While all of our documents are in order and have been sumbitted, there is still the process of the government registering and giving us their official seal of recognition. Pray that we wouldn’t run into any other snares.

Jacque Bolonha (street educator) closed our time by sharing from Ps 126:3 “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are fill with joy.” She reminded us how God has been faithful to walk with us through these years and remember all the lives that have been changed through our community. We step forward with joy and anticipation to see how God will conitune to use Palavra Encarnada to bring about His Kingdom here on earth.

Check out the crew!

WMF Brazil Founders

WMF Brazil Founders

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  1. walter forcatto says:

    Congratulations! We continue to hope and dream with you.

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