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Children’s Day Party: The Esther Project

1 May 2012
Word Made Flesh

Dia das Criancas No dia 12 de outubro de 2011 aconteceu a Festa do Dia das Crianças, para os filhos das mulheres do Projeto Ester. E essa foi a primeira vez que eu tive a experiência de fazer um roteiro com tudo o que iria ocorrer no evento. Quando a coordenadora do Projeto Ester, Esdrianne […]

Video: A quick look at WMF in Rio

6 May 2010
Word Made Flesh

Field updates

31 March 2010
Word Made Flesh

• Projeto Ester opened its doors to women on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. • WMF Brazil conducted its very first board meeting in November. • Palavra Encarnada staff hosted Christmas parties for friends on the streets and women at Projeto Ester. • Rebecca and Rich Nichols welcomed their second daughter, Elliana Grace, on […]

Walls around the favelas

9 December 2009
Word Made Flesh

So there has been this proposal for some time now about building walls around the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Most of these walls are being built in the Zona Sul (or wealthier beach side) section of the city. Essentially these walls are building up a barrier between the very wealthy and very poor of […]

Renovations on the Future Women’s Center

28 September 2009
Word Made Flesh

The renovations are coming along nicely on what will soon be the Palavra Encarnada (Word Made Flesh Brasil) women’s center-official name soon to be announced! I’ve been posting some photos of the progress on my FaceBook page and will continue to update as it gets closer to looking like a women’s center and less like […]

Link de Video

13 August 2009
Word Made Flesh

Aqui é o link de um video (Moradores de Rua-Realidades e Mitos) feito por alguns estudantes no Rio sobre percepções de moradores de rua. Aparece alguns amigos nossos. Aproveite ovir as proprias vozes deles.

Founding Meeting – WMF Brasil

6 August 2009
Word Made Flesh

It’s a very exciting time in the life of our community here in Brazil. After much planning, preparing and praying, a group of committed Brazilians and Americans sat down and officially had the founding meeting of the WMF NGO in Brasil. It was a great time of fellowship, discussing who Word Made Flesh is and […]

Prayer Request

7 April 2009
Word Made Flesh

Please pray for WMF Brazil staff member Dandy, who has recently undergone a medical emergency and is recovering at home.  Pray for her family as well. Pray for our young friend Bruce who needs surgery on his leg, that it might be a relatively quick process and that he will soon be healed. Ben Miller […]

Story of the Tucum ring

25 March 2009
Word Made Flesh

Listen to the audio of Esdrianne Cohen and Rich Nichols sharing the story or read the story below as told by Ben Miller. Several years ago Lilia Marianno gave the WMF Brazil community simple black rings made from the fruit of a palm tree. With her gift, she shared a story. She told of a […]

Projeto and certainty

25 March 2009
Word Made Flesh

From Jenna Pashley, January 2009. I’ve been with Projeto Vidinha since my Servant Team, which means I’ve been watching some of these children grow up for the past five years. Five years! Kids who stuttered their alphabets and stumbled over their chubby little feet are now witty spitfires, reading books on their own and doing […]