The Cry

Trip to Kanyakumari

15 June 2009

So soon one academic year has started and we are in the midst of getting ready a group of 34 kids to their new grades. But the Lord has been mindful of a group of children who stayed with us and enjoyed their vacation. This special group of 22 (those who do not have any family) were with us this summer and the Lord provided the needed finance to take these children to Cape Commerine (the very tip of India where Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the waters from Bay of Bengal meet), Trivandrum (the capital of nearby state Kerala) and Muttom (place of stay—beach resort) in the middle week of May. We were accompanying the children as a family, and the Lord has blessed our efforts and all our children and our family were in good health and strength all through the trip. The children have enjoyed the lovely landscape of that beautiful coastal region and were able to relax themselves by swimming and cooling off on the beaches, waterfalls and lakes.

The train journey both up and down was quite comfortable as one of our friends in the railways helped us greatly in accommodating our children in needed berths in the train during this peak vacation season. We are thankful to the Almighty Lord for providing the needed finance of nearly Rs. 40,000 for this trip. We are looking forward to the ever providing grace of our Lord for meeting the educational needs of our children who are gaining admission into professional courses: Nursing and higher studies. The total fee needs totals to Rs.1,20,000. If the Lord guides you, please sow your precious seed in this lives of these special children and reap you reward in abundant measure.

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