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Updates in the new year

1 April 2010
Angelene Samuel

Jan. 13-16, the children attended a youth camp during the Pongal Holidays, an Indian Harvest Festival. Eleven have dedicated their lives to full-time ministry, and we appreciate your prayers to enable them to stand firm in their decision for the Lord. Jan. 21-24, the WMF South Asia Regional Retreat was held in Chennai, with the […]

Give toward education of 3 girls

23 June 2009
Angelene Samuel

Three of the beloved children who have grown up in the WMF home in Chennai are preparing to enter field-specific education. This education will allow them to provide for themselves. We need help with their tuition, and we invite you to consider giving. This is Suba (Hindu name meaning “good fate”) Rachel (name given at […]

Trip to Kanyakumari

15 June 2009
Angelene Samuel

So soon one academic year has started and we are in the midst of getting ready a group of 34 kids to their new grades. But the Lord has been mindful of a group of children who stayed with us and enjoyed their vacation. This special group of 22 (those who do not have any […]

The altar of obedience

25 March 2009
Angelene Samuel

A while ago, I was leading a group of children in music at the Home of Happiness. They were singing at the top of their voices a short chorus, “O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E, obedience is the very best way to show that you believe!” Little did I know that it would take me a lot to understand the […]