The Cry

February Prayer Requests

15 February 2011

Hello dear friends, here’s February’s prayers requests from our field, as always thank you so much for your faithful prayers for our staff and ladie

Much love,

WMF Kolkata Community

Please pray for our Sari Bari retreat to Darjeeling from February 21-24.  We will be taking an overnight train and 10 SUV’s up the mountain…with over 70 people. Pray for safety, good health, and an incredibly moving and restful time for our women.  This is the time when they get to let down, rest, relax, and celebrate together.  Pray Christ would reveal himself to us all in this time together.

Continue to pray for Upendra as he leads and serves our WMF and Sari Bari community.  Pray for supernatural wisdom, integrity, strength, and courage as he makes difficult decisions and leads us forward.

Pray for the new training that started last week in our Canning Prevention Unit.  Pray that these girls would know their value and catch on quickly to the training they are receiving.  Also pray for the leadership at our Canning Unit, that Shaleha would continue to grow in understanding Christ’s love and freedom in her own life and that she would continue to grow into the beautiful leader that she is.

Pray for Gita and Rafique, just a few days ago Rafique’s mother passed away. Pray for them both as they mourn their deep loss.  Also continue to pray for their health, marriage, and work responsibilities.

Pray for Aysha’s (our Gach Unit Assistant Manager) health and family.  She is going through a lot in her family life, please pray for peace to cover her and her family. Also pray for her to know Christ’s presence in her life.

Pray for Bengali staff member Shela and her husband and son. Pray for health and safety for their family.  Pray for her to continue to be an instrument of peace and love to the women she serves at the KG Unit.

In both SB units many women are sick and struggling under a number of personal and family problems.  Please pray for our women, for strength to endure under such intense pressures at home, for health, wisdom, and deep peace to cover each of them and their families.

Pray for more Bengali staff members to come alongside us in service, pray for teachers and trainers, administrators, accountants, and others who are willing to step into the service of leadership.

Pray for Sarah as she prepares for her Sabbatical in April.  Pray for an abundance of provision and generosity as she is sent out.  Also pray for our field as we send off our beloved sister.

We are in desperate need for new buildings and more space to take on more trainees in our various units.  We are looking at a few places, but we need your prayers for a miracle in getting enough money to make purchases like these…please pray with us for $500,000 for more freedom!!!!

Also please pray that we will be able to make connections with folks who are offering grants and donations for our Sari Bari Trust…this is new territory for us, and we need wisdom and guidance in how to search and proceed.  Also pray that the process in getting our FCRA would go quickly so that we can begin receiving foreign funds into the Trust.

Continue to pray for Brooke in Bangladesh as she studies language for the next few months. Pray that she is encouraged by the fruit of her labor.

Pray for Kyle as he carries the load of administration, also please pray for him as he works through important decisions in the next few months.  Pray for a deep sense of peace to be over him.

Pray for Beth as she continues to lead as the Field Director and support the staff and ladies. Pray that she would be the shepherd that is needed and walk in wisdom and love.

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