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Prayer July 2011

14 July 2011

Prayer, July 2011

Please pray for the ladies at Sari Bari. Many of them are struggling with physical illness – seeing many trips to the hospital and doctor. Pray for us as we seek to care for them and help them obtain the treatment they need to be well. Pray also for our women who need freedom from addiction.

Pray for the new staff that began training at Sari Bari this month. Pray for them to be encouraged in their stitching and learning. Pray for God to supply them with abundant courage in their pursuit of freedom. Pray that they would know the love and community that is Sari Bari.

Pray for new and deepening relationships in the Gach. Pray that as we visit, Jesus would speak words of value and love through us to the women we meet. Pray for the women and girls to choose freedom; pray for them to have the option to leave the industry.

Pray for the red light area to be turned upside down; that new jobs would be made and everyone there could know freedom – workers, owners, cohorts. Everyone.

Please pray for one of our manager’s at Sari Bari who has not been coming to work. Pray that she could find rest in the evenings and weekends from her work. Pray over her health and her family’s health.

Please pray for Upendra, that God would give him strength and wisdom as he leads and manages the business of Sari Bari. Pray that God would give him wisdom in leading and supporting his family.

Pray for Radha as she continues to manage the Sari Bari KG unit    and wishes to continue her studies. Pray that Radha would be granted admission to college and find great joy in learning as she balances study, work, and family. Pray for Radha and Upendra’s children Megha and Lucky.  

Please pray for Gita and Rafique as they anticipate their first child this fall. Pray for Gita’s health and for her baby’s health. Pray also for Rafique to remain healthy during this exciting time. Pray for Gita and Rafique as they expand their family and learn the role of parenting.

Please pray for WMF Bengali staff member Sheila. Pray for peace and protection over her marriage and family. Pray for Sheila and her husband as they learn to balance work and family life.

Please pray for full healing for two of our ladies who have undergone surgery in recent months. Pray that they would heal without pain and quickly be able to return to Sari Bari where they are missed.

Pray for one of our ladies who underwent cataract surgery. Pray for her eyes to heal amazingly well, that she would be amazed at how much her vision has improved as a result of the surgery!

Please pray for the community of WMF Kolkata, as we begin transitions over the course of the coming months.

Please pray for the productivity of Sari Bari.

Please pray for Melissa as she prepares to host a Servant Team in a few months. Pray for her as she gives herself to teaching and supporting the team during their four months in Kolkata. Pray that it will be life-giving for Melissa even as she pours herself out to serve the team.

Pray for Kyle as he continues to support the financial aspects of the field and of Sari Bari. Pray for Kyle as he anticipates transitioning out of his role in Kolkata and looks forward to rejoining his family in the States. Pray that God would continue to affirm Kyle in his decision to leave and also affirm Kyle’s important role in the Kolkata community over the last three years.

Please pray for Beth as she continues to lead the community as Field Director. Pray for her as she gives herself to various responsibilities and needs.

Please pray for Sheila as she gives her nursing skills to care for the women at Sari Bari. Pray for wisdom and patience as she works together with local hospitals. Pray also for wisdom and grace as she walks with a nursing student doing an internship for two weeks.

Please pray for Sarah during these months of Sabbatical. Pray that she would find rest and restoration in her time away from Kolkata. Pray for Sarah as she thinks of her community and friends here. Pray that she would be surrounded by new and old friends to accompany her in this season. Pray that she would rediscover beauty and who God has created her to be.

Pray for Brooke as she continues to settle in to the Kolkata community. Pray for her as she studies Bangla and longs to communicate with those around her; pray that her efforts to learn would be effective. Pray that she would find a rhythm of living in Kolkata.

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