Prayer Request

Prayers of Kolkata August 2011

11 August 2011

Please pray for all WMF staff and leaders of Sari Bari. Pray for God’s wisdom to fill them and flow out from them. Pray for God’s protection over them and over Sari Bari.


Please pray for us as we enter a dark season over the next few months with many Hindu festivals and holidays approaching. Pray that we would continue to walk in light and look to Jesus.


Pray for Sari Bari to continue to be a house of peace, unity, and love. Pray for all the women as they grow in understanding freedom. Pray that our loved ones inside Sari Bari would know the healing of Jesus and that their wounds would be cared for and healed by Jesus.


Pray for the health of our staff and women. Please pray for one of our ladies who will have surgery this month. Please pray for the families’ of our women, that they would also know the peace and protection of Jesus in their homes – also pray for the health of family members. Specifically one woman’s daughter.


Please pray for two women at Sari Bari who are suffering from foot pain, both of them have experienced accidents. Pray for miraculous healing.


Pray for our dear friend who suffers from illness almost daily. Pray that Jesus would make her well. Pray also that she would be surrounded with love and community as she has no close family nearby to commune with.


Pray for production motivation in all of our Sari Bari units.


Pray for WMF Bengali staff Sheila and her family. Pray for peace to cover them. Pray for rest for her and her husband. Pray for good health.


Pray for WMF staff Upendra and Radha. Pray for their kids Lucky and Megha who have upcoming exams. Pray for Radha’s health and physical wellness. Pray for Radha’s heart and mind to find peace. Pray for wisdom and strength for Upendra as he leads Sari Bari. Pray wisdom for Radha as she manages the KG unit.


Pray for WMF staff Sarah as she continues her sabbatical in the U.S. Pray that it would be a time of renewal for Sarah and that she would experience beauty in aspects of work, community, class, and quiet moments with God.


Pray for Sheila as she continues to love our ladies and advocate for their medical needs. Pray for her physical health.


Pray for Melissa as she returns from the U.S. and re-enters life in Kolkata. Pray for her as she prepares to receive a Servant Team just a few weeks after returning.


Pray for Beth as she leads the field in our work and life in Kolkata. Pray for Beth to know peace as she listens and responds to the needs surrounding her.


Pray peace for Kyle as he moves further into his transition from Kolkata and back to the States.


Pray for Brooke as she continues to study and increase her understanding of Bangla. Pray for her as she discerns her role in Kolkata. 

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