Prayer Request

December Prayer from the Field

15 December 2011

Please pray for us as we celebrate
Christmas season together in Sari Bari! We are excited to celebrate Jesus’
birth together this month.


Please pray for God’s peace and presence to
reside in Sari Bari. Pray for God’s presence, peace, and protection to reside
in all of our homes and families.


Please pray for the leadership staff at all
three units.


Please pray for upcoming operations and
doctor visits.


Please pray for our friend who is weak and
in the hospital.


Please pray for Radha’s health. Please pray
for her kids, Lucky and Megha. Pray that they would enjoy good health and study
well in school. Please pray for Upendra, that God would give him wisdom and
strength in leading Sari Bari, pray also that God would provide spaces for
Upendra to find rest amongst much work.


Please pray for Bengali staff member Sheila
and her family. Pray for God to cover her family in His peace and goodness.
Pray for Sheila’s father as he undergoes an operation.


Please pray for Gita, her husband Rafique,
and their baby Ruth. Pray that they would be blessed with good health.


Please pray for Beth as she leads the
field. Pray for God to cover her in his presence and peace as she prepares to
spend time in the States over Christmas.


Please pray for Kyle as he transitions from
Kolkata back to life in the States. Please pray for him as he enters a new
season, pray that God would fill him with vision and hope.


Please pray for Sheila as she thinks about
and plans her coming marriage. Pray for wisdom in responding to medical issues
and needs inside Sari Bari.


Please pray for Melissa as she balances the
role of Servant Team Coordinator with Production Manager. Pray for Melissa as
she says goodbye to the ST this month.


Please pray for Sarah as she prepares to
re-enter life in Kolkata. Pray that the rest and space she has received would
come with her into Kolkata.


Please pray for Brooke as she learns the
facets of shipping. Pray for Brooke to find rhythm and joy and peace in her
life in Kolkata.


Pray for the Servant Team as their time in
Kolkata winds down. Pray for them as they think about re-entering life in the
States, carrying all that they have learned and been a part of here.


Pray for those of us who are spending
Christmas away from our families.


Please pray for us as a community as we
walk through many transitions. Pray that we would be covered in grace for
ourselves and for one another.

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  1. So glad to learn more about your ministry from one of you mission team members. Truly you are the hands and feet of Jesus.

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