Prayer Request

Prayers from Kolkata February 2012

16 February 2012

Please pray a woman’s daughter who is unwell.


Please pray for the health of the SB ladies and staff as the seasons change and many folks experience fevers and colds.


Pray for our friend who has been in the hospital many months and is still extremely weak. Pray for Jesus’ presence with her. Pray for Jesus’ peace to cover her. Pray for her son and daughter.


Please pray for the leadership staff inside SB. Pray for God to give them strength, wisdom in leading, and good health.


Please pray for the KG unit and the gas problem in the building. Pray that we would find a new space to occupy for business.


Pray for our new training at SB in April. Pray for new girls to come looking for freedom, that God would supply them with courage to enter into a new work. Pray for us at SB as we seek to train and support them as they enter into our community.


Pray for us as we begin to reimagine what brothel visitation looks like. Pray for us to be given wisdom in building new relationships and continuing old relationships in the red-light district.


Praise God for his faithfulness and provision through the last 6 years of SB as we celebrate 6 years this month!


Pray for our production forums as we meet all-together to make changes and improve SB.


Pray for the relationships of SB staff to be filled with peace, understanding,  kindness, and respect.


Pray for arriving teams and visitors. Pray for an intern who will come in March to spend 6 months serving with us here.


Pray for men to come work at SB. Pray for men to come work on the field as WMF staff.


Pray for Upendra as he continues to handle the administration of SB; pray for God to grant Upendra wisdom, strength, and clarity as he leads. Pray for Radha as she manages the KG unit. Pray for Lucky and Megha as they begin exams; pray for God to bless their studies and to replace the intense pressure they feel during exams with peace. Pray for good health for all of Upendra and Radha’s family. Pray for the four of them as they settle into a new home, which is an answer to prayer!


Pray for WMF Bengali staff member Shela and her family. Pray for God to cover her family in his peace. Pray for the health of Shela’s family.


Pray for Gita, Rafique, and baby Ruth. Pray for God to bless them with good health. Pray for God to be their support as they invest in their work and in their family.


Pray for God to give Beth wisdom in leading. Pray for God to supply Beth daily with His strength.


Pray for Sheila as she works in SB medical advocacy. Pray for Sheila as she plans and dreams of her coming marriage!


Pray for Melissa as she reimagines her roles on the field and inside SB.


Pray for Sarah as she settles into Kolkata. Pray for Sarah as she seeks balance between rest and work, especially as she re-enters into work-life at SB.


Pray for Brooke as she continues to discern her hopes of life in Kolkata, for herself, for the women at SB, for the girls trafficked and the girls at risk of being trafficked. Pray for language learning to be ever improving.


Pray for Kyle, as he is back in the US and sharing life and work with his family. Pray for God’s presence to surround him.

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