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Kolkata Prayer July 2012

3 August 2012

Please pray for the women and staff.

Pray reconciliation, restoration, and peace for SB managers.

Please pray for all of us as there is a lot of sickness going around. Pray for those who have been sick and cannot get well.

Pray for one girl in particular who is scheduled to have an operation. Pray for God’s peace to drive out all fear. Pray wisdom for the medical professionals. Pray against complication.

Pray for the women in training, that they sew quickly and learn quickly. Pray for them as they discover that freedom is possible.

Pray for God to send someone for administration work at SB.

Pray for God to send a new shipping manager.

Pray for God to provide for our needs at SB.

Pray for our monthly leadership meetings, for creativity in planning. Pray for individuals who can offer wisdom/knowledge at our meetings. Pray for the women as they seek to learn and grow in their leadership abilities and personal well-being.

Please pray for Upendra and Radha. Pray for Upendra, who is preparing to take baptism in the coming weeks. Pray for Radha as she begins a new role of discipleship inside SB. Pray for Lucky who has been sick for over a month now. Pray for Lucky and Megha to do well in school, to work hard studying as they prepare for exams. Pray for God’s peace to be in their home.

Pray for Sheila and her family. Pray for God to protect her marriage. Pray for her son Aaron.

Pray for Gita, Rafique, and their daughter Ruth. Pray for good health. Pray for Rafique and Gita to be covered in God’s peace. Pray that God would provide for their family’s needs.

Pray for Sarah to be covered in a sense of peace and grace over the next month, in addition to our whole community.

Pray for Melissa to find balance as she juggles different responsibilities. Pray for God to cover her in peace and bless her with restful, deep sleep.

Pray for Beth as she returns from the US and settles back into Kolkata. Pray for God’s peace to cover her as she enters back into life and work here.

Pray for Brooke to be rooted in God’s peace. Pray for God to reveal His love to her. Pray for her as she prepares to lead the ST in the fall.

Pray for Emily as she continues to study Bangla and build relationship with the women. Pray for her as she discerns life in this city and considers longer-term service.

Pray for the 5 folks who are coming on a ST this fall. Pray for God to prepare their hearts for being here with us.

4 Responses to “Kolkata Prayer July 2012”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I will pray for you. May God bring his abundant peace and love to everyone who was mentioned and may the Spirit of the living God dwell in you richly.

  2. Noel says:

    I will surely pray for all the work that the lord is doing through your hands. I would like to get involved in the services in kolkata or Chennai.Please furnish me with the details on How to get started. Thank You. God bless WMF

  3. Chris Jordan says:

    I pray for you and your ministry Brooke. May all who seek him, find him. May those with lost souls find you and those who can spread his word to them. I pray that the pain and suffering felt by those who are salves to the sex trade by lifted and freed by the Holy Spirit. Heaven smiles on your work. God bless and be with you!
    Chris Jordan
    Grace United Methodist Church Hamilton, Ohio

  4. Chris Jordan says:

    I pray for you and ministry Brooke. May those who seek him, find him. May all those who need your help and assistance be filled with the Holy Spirit. May the pain and suffering of those caught in sexual slavery be lifted. Heaven smiles upon your work!
    Yours in Christ
    Chris Jordan
    GUMC, Hamilton, Ohio

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