Fellowship in Community

18 April 2014
Vitalie Diacenco

            In one of his books, Parker Palmer confessed, “Community? I’ve never been there.” I can also say the same thing. I don’t really know what a community is. I don’t know very well what it means to be a part of a community. I do know, however, that I am in search of a […]

The Pitfalls of Punishment: Alternatives That Lead to Self-Discipline

13 March 2014
Violeta Hotnogu

Greetings readers! My coworkers and I at La VIA are currently studying a book called How to Teach So Kids Can Learn: at Home and at School. The most recent topic of discussion was “The Pitfalls of Punishment: Alternatives That Lead to Self-Discipline.”  I would like to share with you a bit of what I […]

Celebration in Community

30 January 2014
Annie Keith

Four years ago today five of us gathered together for the first time in a little house in Chisinau as the WMF Moldova community. We have experienced heartaches, struggles, and difficult questions that remain unanswered, yet today we are reminded of the faithfulness of God. We are reminded of his care for these vulnerable children, […]

Where is God calling us?

18 December 2013
Rachel (Simons) Dyachenko

Where is God calling us? It’s probably not to the most beautiful place on earth.

what we’ve been up to lately

25 November 2013
Rachel Koon

I hope this update finds you all well in the midst of a lovely autumn. I’d like to share with you some highlights from the past two months in which we have been actively running the program with the kids. Since September we have raised over 4,800 MDL (370 USD) by selling handmade greeting cards […]

the light shines in the darkness

17 October 2013
John Koon

As the autumn days grow shorter I have begun noticing the increasing darkness. The darkness of a horrendous accident that will affect a teenage boy for the rest of his life. The darkness of the death of the mother of four children. The darkness of an adolescent girl lost in a storm of drugs and […]

Notes for Reading….from Life

23 September 2013
Rachel Koon

by Vitalie Diacenco Educator, A.O. La VIA/Word Made Flesh Moldova Today on my way home I found out that one of my friends who lives on the street and is sick with epilepsy and chronic alcoholism, was placed in a psychiatric hospital (or as his friend said, “in Costiujeni”). I had the misfortune to say […]

Chisinau, I love you

12 July 2013
Rachel Koon

Here is a video made by some young people in Moldova, highlighting Chisinau’s beauty and life:  

echipa noastră!

7 June 2013
Rachel Koon

echipa noastră means “our team” in Romanian. take a look at our lovely team’s most recent group photo and celebrate with us and how much we have grown!

Even more recent creations

13 May 2013
Rachel Koon

We have been busy this spring creating, dreaming, sewing, gluing and cutting to create more handmade greeting cards, bags and purses. We are happy to announce that we sold cards and bags at a local international school in Chișinău and made close to 200 dollars from our efforts. We are excited about this as a […]