The Cry

Cristos a inviat! Christ is risen!

26 April 2011

May your celebration of Christ’s resurrection bring you joy and hope for today and the days to come.

On Saturday evening, we attended an Orthodox midnight service with our Servant Team as they wanted to experience this beautiful tradition.

Inside a packed little church with high ceilings the lights go out.  Silence settles around us in the dark as we await the call of the priest.

Come and receive the light!” he sings as a single candle is lit from the very front of the church.

Slowing the light begins to grow as it is passed from person to person until everyone is holding a single candle singing,”Christ has risen from the dead, conquering death with death; and offering life to those in the grave.”  As the clock strikes midnight we celebrate Christ’s conquering of death, the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness.

And this light does not remain only inside the church. Together we slowly proceed outside, candles lit, and walk around the block where the church is situated. Tired as we were (at nearly 1AM) we went home after the parishioners returned inside the church to continue their prayers until early Easter morning.

Christ is risen! May His light fill you today and give you courage to carry His light so that the whole world may know that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

To see a picture I found online from last year in Galati and other Easter celebrations from around the world see:

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