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the light shines in the darkness

17 October 2013
John Koon

As the autumn days grow shorter I have begun noticing the increasing darkness. The darkness of a horrendous accident that will affect a teenage boy for the rest of his life. The darkness of the death of the mother of four children. The darkness of an adolescent girl lost in a storm of drugs and […]

Our latest greeting cards

26 February 2013
John Koon

Our most recent creations…. We have been working diligently on these greeting cards and will be selling them at a local high school later this week, but first we would like to share them with you….

a few excerpts from some of the pages of life…

6 February 2013
John Koon

At the school we are preparing the next edition of the newspaper, and it was interesting to see the students—among those whom I had already interviewed—wondering if I wouldn’t like to interview them again. I think that this question is an expression of more than the desire to stand out or of the desire for […]

we have some really talented children

11 December 2012
John Koon

Since the start of our after-school program in September, we have a group of adolescents who have been working hard on creating Christmas greeting cards that we sold Monday & Tuesday of this week at a local private high school. Every week our friend and co-worker Annie Keith, has been cooking up new and interesting […]

fall happenings

6 December 2012
John Koon

We are now into the full swing of our after-school program here with the kids, and we’d like to share some more about us: We are now 12 workers from Moldova, Romania, the United States and Ukraine. We work with around 60 children weekly. We provide game time outside and inside in our two game […]

La VIA: WMF Moldova’s local organization

30 July 2012
John Koon

Click on the details tab on Moldova’s about page to learn more about our local organization, La VIA.

June update

29 June 2012
John Koon

Green onion, arugula, spinach, basil, mint, parsley, sweet peas…. These are some of the fresh vegetables we enjoyed in Moldova during the month of June. Aside from savoring the local produce, here are some other things we’ve been up to: The children’s last day of school was May 31. Dressed in their best for the […]


24 June 2011
John Koon

We are happy to announce that our local organization, La VIA, is now officially registered in Moldova.  La VIA means “to the vineyard” in Romanian, an image that reminds us of how we are all moving together to a place of communion, fecundity and celebration. Next week on June 30, we will be moving to […]

Childhood’s Echo

17 May 2011
John Koon

Childhood’s Echo is a publication our advocacy team has been working on together with the children at the boarding school where we run our after-school program.  The goal of this newspaper is to make the voices of the children heard in the local community.  Here is a page from the March 2011 edition, translated into […]

Gînduri de Crăciun, gînduri de copii, gîndurile Lui…

14 December 2010
John Koon

This Christmas reflection was written by Adriana Ciobanu, WMF Moldova staff. (See below for English.) Gînduri de Crăciun, gînduri de copii, gîndurile Lui… Aici, în Moldova, la internatul unde trăiesc 319 copii, Crăciunul vine cu mult înainte… l-am văzut cu cîteva săptămîni în urmă în gîndurile şi visele copiilor pe care mi le-au împărtăşit cu […]