The Cry

Nepal Community Updates

8 June 2011

-  Ratna Maya Amma, Member of Prem Ghar family was discharged from hospital on April after two months  stay. She is better now!

-  Board-meeting was held on last of April (last board-meeting with Pawan and Brook)

-  Pawan and Brook Left Nepal Community on 8th May

-  Chris and discovery team visit Nepal Community on March for a few day

-  Silas and Sharon visit Nepal Community on 10th of April for a about a week

-   Kara visited Nepal community on March and left on May

-  John Rai started wearing braces as suggested by the doctors on 29th May

-  Karnua Ghar Family(children) started a new session in the school

-   Rekha Rai visited Dhadhing to attend a Women`s Conference with the Pastor of Living Church

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