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Ratna Maya Aama gets Baptized!

7 September 2010
Word Made Flesh

Our newest Aama (mother) from the Prem Ghar family was recently baptized during a community Picnic! Pastor Stephen Shiva Hari Bhattarai was there to baptize her. Ratna Maya Aama joined the Prem Ghar family in May, 2010. Ratna Maya Aama is Baptized! from Brook Birch on Vimeo.

Constitutional assembly expires today

28 May 2010
Word Made Flesh

Today marks the expiration of the interim constitution and the corresponding constitutional assembly which was put into place in May 2008. The constitutional assembly was the acting government and had the mandate of forming a new constitution for the country following the long civil war we lived through. Sadly, instead of forming a new constitution, […]

Updates extended

1 April 2010
Word Made Flesh

Calvin Smothers returned to the U.S. after serving for 1.5 years in Nepal. Christine Rai had surgery on her hand and is recovering beautifully. Brook Birch became the Nepal Field Director.


6 October 2009
Word Made Flesh

This is a beautiful season in Nepal right now. Families from all over are venturing long nights/days/distances…etc. to be with their families. Kids are flying kites and taking out the other kites in the air with their swift moves. Goats have flooded the streets and neighborhoods to be offered as a sacrifice to Hindu gods […]

Kung Fu Gautam vs. WMFN

26 August 2009
Word Made Flesh

Widows need Love, Care and Protection

20 August 2009
Word Made Flesh

This article was written by Jyoti Bhattarai, Director of WMF Nepal’s home for widows, “Prem Ghar” (Home of Love). It is disgusting me very much to hear the Nepal government’s finance minister, and his budget speech for the fiscal year 2009/2010 . He has promised to reward widows who are willing to remarry 50,000 Nepali […]


29 July 2009
Word Made Flesh

Holy Water. Not the kind at church. Today it poured. POURED. Today at Karuna Ghar (girls home) Rekha told me they were just about out of water. It hadn’t rained enough this monsoon so they were going to have to purchase 7,000 liters from a big truck (which is a common way they get water). […]

What’s going on this week

26 March 2009
Word Made Flesh

“I’m so excited to be learning how to drive this week!” – Top Magar “This week I am teaching at the church on the blood of Jesus. As I’m teaching I feel like I’m swimming in the blood of Christ and being purified!” – Gautam Rai “I am stoked to go on retreat in Nagarkot […]

Reflection on the logo

26 March 2009
Word Made Flesh

By Gautam Rai. A bird in a cage = controlled. As we open the door of the cage it is set free. This bird is flying — not caged. It represents our lives in Jesus.

WMF Nepal calendars

25 March 2009
Word Made Flesh

So it’s March already and we still have some of these sweet calendars left. They started at $20 but for you — we’ll give a discount. Only $10!  Call the U.S. office if you want to buy one. 402.991.4949. The calendars are beautiful and have lots of info about the ammas home, girls home and […]