The Cry

There are some things that can’t be stolen…

14 February 2011

Friends & Family,

Early in the morning on Thursday – February 10th, our office was robbed. They took about $10,000 worth of computers and other donations including our projector, a huge donation of school shoes, and our safe with about $2,200 inside – most of which was for our educational assistance program. The police are investigating at the moment. We’re thankful that no one was hurt. Mostly we’re sad about the money for the kids who are getting ready to go back to school and for all the information lost on the computer hard-drives. Please pray with us as we figure out the next steps. We continue to praise God for his faithfulness to us and we know, as our friend Oscar reminded us this morning, “when they rob us, it only makes us grow stronger”.

They can steal our computers, our projector, our money, our things.

They can’t steal our community, our joy, our faith, our love. [i mean, it would be WAY too big to fit in their tiny trucks...]

Monica N. Ghali & Mike Pastor on behalf of WMF Peru

We’re going to need to start raising the money to replace the things and to get the center secured again so if you feel so inclined follow the link and designate your gift to WMF PERU:

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