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WMF Peru Update

23 February 2011

Dear Friends,

Its been almost 2 weeks since the infamous break in at the center. Not surprisingly [because of how awesome you all are & how incredible God is] we’re actually feeling really encouraged. Your words of comfort in the middle of this tough situation have been so uplifting as has your commitment to generosity. Slowly but surely we’re getting things back in order, thanks in grand part to you all. We definitely have a long road ahead as we try to recuperate all that was lost, but we’re hopeful.

This past week we focused on getting a few computers and changing all the locks as well as working to get a security system installed. We have thankfully been able to go ahead with the Men & Women’s Bible Studies and with the Educational Assistance Interviews. All the youth have been incredibly empathetic, understanding and incredibly encouraging as well☺.

As for the building inspection – it went relatively well! They requested a second inspection and asked us to make a few minor [thank goodness] adjustments, which we are told is typical. We were not classified as a high-risk building which is GREAT. There are still many hoops to jump through and bills to pay to get this done but at least we are one step closer. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

Thanks again! Much love from Lima ~

Mike Pastor & Monica Ghali on behalf of the WMF Peru Community

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  1. Jason Winton says:

    Sorry to hear about the break-in. My family and I were vandalized at our house about a year ago. It’s amazing how much stress and fear crept in because of it. Gladly, though, we still live in the same place and have even gotten to know more of our neighbors on account of the ill intent of our vandals. I sincerely wish you and the community a happy restoration of your work and all the important things you had planned.

    I’m in Lima right now, visiting my wife’s family. I’d love to meet someone from the WMF Peru Community (maybe a men’s bible study?), if there is time in the midst of recuperating from your losses. I leave next Weds. (3/9).


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