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A path marked by…

15 March 2012

A letter from Anna Monterviller, National Director of WMF Peru.

A little more than four months have passed since I assumed the role of National Director; this happened during a season wherein the community in Peru, like many of you know, was tested in multiple ways.  But I see now how God taught us many lessons and brought His word to us.

For a time, the path we tread was made of the stones of sadness and doubt.  It is said that the sun comes out after the storm and I believe this is true because in the last few weeks we have received the warmth of God’s blessing through timely provision and support.  And this came from people whom we didn’t even know (people who, after reading this article, will know I am referring to them)!

I became aware that there was a sister community who was interested in partnership with us, and today that is becoming a reality.  I also became aware that in some schools and churches, once again, campaigns were organized and offerings raised, along with prayers on our behalf.  I was told that a check arrived from an organization that we don’t yet know; when we found out the generous amount donated our tears of joy mingled with our laughter.

All of these efforts happened as we were enduring a season of weakness, asking God what we should do.  And in our weakness, God manifested Power! II Corinthians 12:9-19

We are learning many valuable lessons as we are being molded through pain but for our good.  We see a young child finish their school year with excellent grades; we hear about how some of the families we work with are finding victory over their problems through prayer; we hear that even in the midst of overt demonic oppression on the street the young people remember who is victorious and declare it with faith to each other.  And we say, “These are God’s victories!”  Psalm 32:8

These are the fruits of the work that God sustains.  I have always said, “God will pick up the tab” and this is true.  We will continue going to the streets in search of the youth, supporting the children so they can study, and encouraging families that they might persevere in their new lives away from the street.  And in whatever hardship that comes, with the help of so many friends, we will raise our heads and receive strength and continue following after the one, true God.

Now, we begin to construct the path for this new season.  Allow me to share with you what comes next for us.  These are the foundation stones upon which we will tread in the days to come, with God’s help and all those who join us along the way.

  • The emphasis in outreach this year is evangelization.  In conjunction, we will be holding staff training’s with the help of local pastors and professionals to become a better-prepared and up-to-date ministering team.
  • For this new season of the community, we are stating that when we speak of the Word Made Flesh Peru Community we are referring to all staff, volunteers, people reached through programs, and board members, who are conscience of our need to respond to God’s desire to reach and redeem the most vulnerable in our city.
  • The imminence of autochthonous leadership of the ministry.  This is the continuation of our ongoing commitment to strengthen and empower the work that we do by challenging Peruvians to join our efforts.  The result will be a local cultural vision with resources and tools appropriate to our context.
  • The WMF Peru Community desires to learn from the church, to work with the church and receive support from the local church.  We boldly proclaim ourselves to be a ministry that advocates for the most vulnerable, carrying their reality to all possible forums with the intention of making a contribution to a change in the spirituality and social involvement of all social actors.
  • The WMF Peru Community works principally through a relational base rather than a programmatic or numeric one.  Relationship and personalized monitoring and follow-up is the foundation for openness and trust among vulnerable populations who have been repeatedly disillusioned and saturated with messages and temporary programs that don’t actually respond to their situation or needs.

 How will you join us?


With gratitude and love in our Lord

Anna Monteviller Pino

WMF Peru National Director


Translated by Brian Langley

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  1. Augusto matta says:

    Me gustaría ser voluntario en Word Made Flesh, deseo saber como puedo involucrarme en sus actividades.

    Augusto Matta Laithon

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