Prayer for Peru

11 May 2011
Anna Monteviller

Its been awhile since we’ve posted general prayer requests but we’ve been wanting to get back into that rhythm. Thank you for your prayers of all kinds — here are a few more ways you can join with us in supplication… –For the families who are graduating from our programs as they seek to plug […]

Urgent Prayer Requests from Lima

13 April 2011
Anna Monteviller

Dear friends we ask you to join in prayer with us today wherever you are for two urgent situations: 1. We just received word that a dear friend of ours is being held, in our belief, unjustly at the police station. We have known, ministered to and walked alongside this young father of 3 for […]

WMF Peru Update

23 February 2011
Anna Monteviller

Dear Friends, Its been almost 2 weeks since the infamous break in at the center. Not surprisingly [because of how awesome you all are & how incredible God is] we’re actually feeling really encouraged. Your words of comfort in the middle of this tough situation have been so uplifting as has your commitment to generosity. […]

There are some things that can’t be stolen…

14 February 2011
Anna Monteviller

Friends & Family, Early in the morning on Thursday – February 10th, our office was robbed. They took about $10,000 worth of computers and other donations including our projector, a huge donation of school shoes, and our safe with about $2,200 inside – most of which was for our educational assistance program. The police are […]

4 February 2011
Anna Monteviller

I think I can safely declare that this is my favorite time of the year in Lima – especially this year. Besides the fact that its sunny-make-you-want-to-dive-into-any-body-of-water weather and that we have a fabulous little city garden throwing down roots in the ministry center backyard, its also TUTORIA TIME. What’s that you ask? It can […]

Prayer for Peru

12 April 2010
Anna Monteviller

Hello friends! It has been awhile since we have been able to get something up on the blog.  We think about and talk about it often so hopefully this is just the beginning. Let me start by saying, we have so much to be thankful for — your prayers, your donations and work teams from […]

Lima video

31 March 2010
Anna Monteviller

A recent intro video we did for Beggars Society. to beggar’s society with love from lima from Word Made Flesh on Vimeo.

More updates

28 March 2010
Anna Monteviller

The Integration Program celebrated Christmas with over 30 young adults and children who have been actively pursuing life off the streets, with praise and worship, Bible study, skits, inflatable toys, Christmas movies, cookie decorating, great food, panetone and hot chocolate. The Girl’s Bible Study celebrated Christmas with the women and their children in a dynamic […]

The Demolition :: Photos

28 May 2009
Anna Monteviller

hey friends, as you can tell from our last post, the demolition of the unusable parts of our in-progress-new-to-us ministry center is well underway.  here are a few pictures of the process and the amazing crew who is getting the job done.  check out previous photo albums to see how far we’ve come!  your continued […]

Accion Gringo!

25 May 2009
Anna Monteviller

if you speak spanish, you might think these videos are hilarious. whatever language you speak, check out these two short clips of Brian helping out with the demolition of the back part of the new WMF Peru Ministry Center. we’ve been praying, hoping & begging for our demolition license for what feels like months and […]