Gaining Perspective

4 May 2011
David Chronic

Romania celebrates May Day as their Labor Day, and most will go out to a lake, a park, or the Black Seato celebrate. Usually, we rent a big bus and take the kids from the “Valley” Community Center to a nearby forest. Although the drive only takes about 20 minutes, it’s always interesting to see the […]

The Situation in Romania 2010

6 April 2010
David Chronic

Dear Friends, Every few years I try to put together an overview of Romania to help you have a general idea of the situation. My hope is that you will know better how to pray and to see how the poor are particularly affected. If you are not a lover of numbers, I apologize. Although […]

Last quarter’s updates

28 March 2010
Word Made Flesh

December: Frank Sommers from England visited for two weeks in December and built a new staircase and did other construction around the center. The Cuvantul Intrupat board had their fall board meeting. WMF staff and children spent their annual two nights of caroling around the city (including the homes of the children and supporters) that […]

Galati County, Leader in human trafficking

12 February 2010
Word Made Flesh

On Monday, January 25, 2010, a Galati newpaper, Adevarul, published an article on prostitution in Galati County. Lau Archip translated the article into English so we could post it here. Contact us if you want the link to the original article. You’ll find that Galati County, then, is the leader in human trafficking (especially prostitution) […]

Check out…

11 November 2009
Word Made Flesh

Word Made Flesh Romania has a blog of its very own! We are daily updating our chapel meditations, sharing weekly prayer requests, and general happenings among our community. Please make a visit to:

Economic crisis isn’t new for friends on the margins

20 October 2009
David Chronic

I want to thank you for your commitment to pray for us and for the children. We live and serve in the light of your intercession and support. Often, we are asked by Romanian friends and visitors about how we are faring in the midst of a global economic crisis. I can’t help but think […]

Word Made Flesh Romania makes the Local Paper

16 September 2009
Word Made Flesh

The following was a press release in a local Galati paper called Viata Liber. To see the actual article click this link: Valley Youth Keep their City Clean Galati, RO While most of the city’s youth spend the last days of summer vacation at the public pool or sleeping in, the children at the […]

Prayer Requests: July and August

8 July 2009
John Koon

(See below for English.) Motive de Rugăciune: iulie şi august 1) Rugaţi-vă pentru două fete care pentru mult timp au venit la Centrul de Zi dar care acum nu mai vin.  Rugaţi-vă ca Domnul să continue lucrarea pe care a început-o în ele. 2) Rugaţi-vă pentru tabăra care va avea loc în septembrie, ca pregătirile […]

Ek Dui Deshudui

22 May 2009
Word Made Flesh

Joel Klepac coordinated this project, which involved most of the kids at the center for at-risk youth, Casa “la Vale” (The “Valley” House). In it their own voices and personalities are heard, their mark is made. The idea was to allow the character and personhood of these kids to be seen more than their possible […]

A Lenten Prayer

27 March 2009
David Chronic

Submitted by David Chronic. Holy Jesus, your forgiving love saves and disturbs me. Without it, I am lost, Yet, if I receive it, I must practice it. By your mercy, make me merciful; By your forgiveness, help me to forgive as I have been forgiven. Amen. – Peter Storey