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A-le A-le House of Hope

1 December 2009

Word Made Flesh Sierra Leone has volunteered in Kroo Bay since 2003 when Jared and Julie first moved to Sierra Leone.  What was once just a simple weekly club for kids with singing and a message has developed into a dream to reach out in more transformative and lasting ways to kids in that community.  We were tired of seeing kids that we know make bad choices because they do not believe there is any hope.  We are tired of seeing kids repeat the cycle of abuse they themselves have endured.  That is why after years of praying we have finally rented our first center by Kroo Bay.  We want to be a presence there.  We want to be a place of hope and safety that they can retreat to.  We want to be a place of fun where they can play and be kids.  And finally we want to be a place where they can hear the loving words of their Papa God and know that they are dearly loved and valued.

Right now, Karoline and Florence has been visiting some of the girls in the community.  They hope to start small groups for them in the new year.  We also hope to build some playground equipment so that the kids can come to play and hang out.  As we get more volunteers, we hope to start tutoring programs to help with their education.  Chris has talked about having food available for the kids because many of them are malnourished.  Lots of ideas and so many possibilities…

view of Kroo Bay from the House

We are calling the house A-le, A-le House of Hope, because if you have ever visited us here, you know they the community in Kroo Bay greets us with the word A-le, A-le (short of Alleluia).  That is how they know us.  And since the Kroo Bay Good News Club has been there for over 6 years, they have also come to trust us and we hope that we can use that trust to help parents to better parent and help kids to know the life that is possible for them.

We have only taken the first step in what will be a long journey.  I hope that you can continue to support and pray for us as we try to be Word Made Flesh in the Kroo Bay community.

Side note: Some of you have asked me how much money we need to raise to fund this center. Here is an estimate:

Rent: $5,000
Fees for agent: $500
Furniture: $500
Generator: $250
Internet: $2000
NPA: $500
Petro: $1000
Water: $400
Security: $1000

Total: $11,150

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  1. Amanda Knihal says:

    Beautiful! I love the name!

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