The Cry

Celebrating 10 Years

13 October 2012

“October, 18 2002 Jared and Julie Landreth arrive in Freetown, SL. One year after WMF Assessment team first visit to the country. WMF’s first full time presence in Africa.” From the The Cry’s “Updates from the Field” section.

Please join with us in the praising the Lord and we celebrate 10 years of God faithfulness to the WMFSL community!

Over the past 10 years our community has welcomed several thousand children into our Kroo Bay News Club knowing that, “God’s kingdom is made up of people like these.”  A whole gang of youth have helped us throwing this weekly party. Some just come and volunteer, 8 have graduated from Lighthouse, a discipleship program, and 14 are currently participating in it. 18 staff, 37 interns/servant team members (not including ones that later joined staff), and 4 non-staff board members have come from Sierra Leone and other parts of the world seeking Christ and discovering how His kingdom, like treasure in a field, is hidden in Kroo Bay and among other vulnerable people in Sierra Leone. The pearl of great price has been discovered in amputee camps, orphanages, slums and at a drop-in center for youth living on the street. Seeds have been scattered as we’ve shared meals around the table, tutored children, greeted strangers, visited with friends, preached the Bible, treated wounds and illnesses, played Ultimate Frisbee, shared suffering, and sung songs about life and God. The scattered seeds have turned into a well watered garden through meditating on God’s word, withdrawing to pray, remembering the Sabbath, taking retreats and naps and coffee/tea/pop (not soda) breaks.

We have seen a lot of fruit over the past 10 years. We have seen girls realize that the way men treat them does not always accurately reflect who they are and turn to God to heal their broken identity. We have seen young men wounded by the war, healing and actively pursuing a future they didn’t believe was available to them. We have seen children and youth and adults saved by the blood of Christ and growing in the power of the Holy Spirit. We have neighbors and families beginning and continuing to reconcile. We have God receiving the glory and honor.

If you would like to join us in celebrating you can:

1. Write out your prayer for our community or an individual and e-mail it to them/us or post it on their/our Facebook wall.

2. E-mail us a worship song to encourage us and direct our focus towards God.

3. Donate 10,000 Leones, the local currency, which is approximately $2.30.

Le 100,000.00 ≈ $23.00.

Le 1,000,000.00 ≈ $230.00.

Le 10,000,000.00 ≈ $2,300.00.

4. Watch a film about Sierra Leone such as Fambul Tok or Steven Spielberg’s Amistad.

5. Listen to music by the Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars.

6. Eat West African ground nut stew. You can find recipes online.

7. Eat Divine Chocolate. It’s delicious Fair Trade certified chocolate purchased from cocoa farmers in Sierra Leone and other West African countries.

8. Send a care package or hand-written letter:


            P. O. Box 545

            Freetown, Sierra Leone

            West Africa

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