The Cry


2 July 2009

Life if Bangkok often feels like months are really hours, and days only minutes. There is so much life around us that time seems to melt away.

As I sat down to do a quick update I looked and realized our last blog was in May and I though how is it already June working on July.

It felt as though we hit the ground running after our last home visit and haven’t slowed, in this though we have seen amazing blessing! In the forfront is the blessing of a home. We have moved into what feels like our first home in Thailand. We litterally moved in on a monday and recieved a discovery team on tuesday. This clearly has its challenges but it also filled our home with so much life immediatly.

The Monday before the team came was also our 7 year wedding aniverary. Tim and I sat on a card board box in the kitchen, eating noodles and listening to the rain, it was a moment of peace of feeling and seeing that this is right.

We are also very blessed to have nieghbors with four generations living in their home, who have welcomed us with open arms. Ella has already made her self a star on the street and Arielle is quickly endearing her self to everyone as she says “uh oh” constantly!

We are happy to be home, and truly excited for what God has in store for this next year!

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