The Cry

Monsoon and Bubbles

20 July 2009

I get woken up with “Yaay, MaMMa awake, Ella awake … Dadda wake…Sissy awake..Yaay” as Elijah declares, while jumping on the bed, that we are all awake and how happy she is about it! Then it is off to phone calls discussing Visa issue and planning to go to Laos. In the afternoon i am studying Thai and thinking about learning Khmer. Then take a break to blow bubbles & sip hot tea in the middle of an afternoon monsoon with Elijah. The evening is dinner with a friend then off a sick child who begs on the street with his family. Weaving through the crowded touristy streets we don’t find them, on the way home we stop to buy birthday cake mix because tomorrow is Arielle’s first birthday.

We seem to move in and out of the dark world of children exploited on the streets and women exploited in bars; to the world of bubbles, dancing in the rain and jumping on the bed. Moments fluxuate in a seriel pattern, that as you take a moment to reflect it feels absurd and breaks your heart.

Thinking of the joy of monsoon tea party I get misty eyed as the image of a 5yr old girl sound asleep on the pavement at ten o’clock at night completely alone. She was left there alone to beg sound asleep her cup empty, in one of the busiest redlight districts. Presumably her parent or caretaker was somewhere watching from a distant but who really knows. We decided to sit, pray and wait not wanting to leave her alone on the street.

But a broken heart quickly gives way to hope … Becuase a monsoon tea party is pure and beautiful, and it also reminds me of the little girl who sells gum on the street. She speak a few langauges, English not really being one of them but within minutes was easily doing an English word-search as we sat together for a moment. These children do have hope, there is truth and justice and though their parents put them out to sell or beg God the Father is their Father also.

3 Responses to “Monsoon and Bubbles”

  1. Lauren Vitrano-Wilson says:

    Sawatdiikaa! Koon kien geng maak kaa. Set gap chan bpai grungthep pii nii daat mai ru exactly when. We look forward to seeing you there. We’ll be there for one year beofre moving up to CM. I enjoy your posts. Thanks for sending them to me. Pra Jao ooway koon!
    La aw

  2. walter forcatto says:

    It’s always good for me to read of your life and experiences in Bangkok. Give my love to Tim and your beautiful children.


  3. Adam G. gauthier says:

    Yours is the first article I’ve read on this site.
    The imagery of you experiences , & the expression of your love & compassion moved me.
    God be with you ,
    & bless your work .


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