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Field Update

16 March 2010

So we are long overdue for an update. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. We are keeping busy currently hosting another Servant Team (4 people) and have 2 interns working with us until June 1st.


We continue to hit the streets twice a week building relationships with the families and children begging on the streets. Click here for a quick overview of WMF Thailand. Our goal and purpose of street outreach is to establish and deepen relationships with families who beg on the street mainly in the notorious red-light district Nana, making these kids at larger risk for sexual exploitation. Many of our friends are slowly making it back to the streets. In our February Prayer letter we told you that:

«The police have begun rounding up migrant workers, people who beg, and kids who sell things.  It has been so frequent and so many people that it actually made the Bangkok Post and the Phenom Phen Post.  Most of our kids don’t have legal documentation to live in Thailand so they are either detained indefinently or deported.  The saddest part is this usually means a 14 or 15 year old girl being deported over the boarder on her own while her parents are still in Bangkok.  Usually they make the trip back over the border and back to Bangkok within two weeks, but they are vulnerable as young teens.

It is a broken system, the fact that the fear of being picked up is a deterant that has possible made some return to home rather than see working on the street as an option is good.  We actually know one mom who due the recent activity now stays at home rather than begging with her new born son.  The down side is it also creates more danger, this same mom when deciding to stay home left her 7 year old in the care of the 17 year old sister both still working on the streets.  These two may possible have been deported we don’t know.»

You can read more from the article in the Bangkok Post.

Many of the relationships we had were put on hold for about 2 months as they were either sent back to Cambodia or put in a detention center. A few of the children were separated from their parents or caretakers during this time. Obviously this is a challenging situation and we pray that God will open doors for us to intervene. We have been able to make deeper relationships as we begin to make home visits, which is huge for us. Continue to pray with us as we make steps to relocate into their community and build relationship with the local church in Rangsit.

Home Care

In partnership we continue to house woman and care for them during their process home. We are currently caring for two women. So far the time has been really great. With the help of our interns we are able to implement a healthy schedule filled with learning English, Computer training, taking part in our community events and just having a time of healing.


We are in the process of meeting lawyers so that we can become a registered and recognized as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Thailand. Please pray with us as we don’t know what we are doing (half kidding) but that God would put us in touch with the right people.

*This is where I stopped writing and packed up my laptop. I was sitting at a coffee shop across the street from a law firm. I had schedule a meeting with a firm that was recommended by one of our partners here in Bangkok. After our meeting I walked out with a large smile on my face thanking Jesus because they have agreed to assist through the application process of registration for FREE! Continue to pray and praise God because the application process can be long and when we apply to things there also needs to be acceptance as well.



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    Sending all our love to you guys. Bless your mission and lives. Love you guys.

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