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  1. [...] of the bird taking flight is spot on with who we are. Read Phileena’s reflection below and then read the piece written by Drew Davies of Oxide Design Co. Both of them beautifully explain some of the thought that went into the bird. You’ll probably [...]

  2. Dave says:

    Great logo! Very fresh.

  3. [...] Word Made Flesh launched its new logo, website and visual identity today!  Congratulations!!   Here is a description of the brand: The new logo is joyful — The bird, taking flight, is joyfully redemptive. The image [...]

  4. Krissi says:

    Great design! I love it. :)

  5. Congrats Jara and Daphne! So impressed with all your hard work!~

  6. Jonathan says:

    Congrats on the NEW identity! Love the redemptive/ joyful symbolism of the bird. Also, I like the multi-generational appeal of the site. – Jonathan

  7. cristina (tudose) chelariu says:

    Great job, you guys!

  8. Safi Mustafa says:

    This reminds me of the story Chris once mentioned about GOD taking form of a bird to show other birds, who were holed up in a barn, that it is ok to eat the food offering left for them in the snow.

  9. Nate Perry says:

    To start off, I’m impressedI Being an art director myself, you often have 5 second fantasies of what you would do to redesign logos upon seeing them. I don’t know what I would have done differently. I will admit I’m partial to the handwritten type too from that Alicia girl. :)

  10. Jacqui Vos says:

    It’s beautiful! I love it – both the symbolism and the design!

  11. i love it. it’s beautiful and meaningful…i also love it’s resemblance to a star…guiding a new way thru the wilderness to the center where Christ is. haha – sorry for bringing more artistic shtuff than intended, but i dig it – it’s beautiful!

  12. admin says:

    aaron i like your reference to the star…you should check this post on the NE Creative site.


    a commenter mentions a spark and explosion — it reminded me of your “artistic schtuff” (which i love!!)

    the commenter says, “Quite literally there is a spark in this. I first saw a shape, an explosion. And then… the bird. Something out of nothing. For an organization called Word Made Flesh, that’s a pretty good layering of meaning.”

    (posted by daphne)

  13. [...] identity and run. When Word Made Flesh’s new identity was first unveiled, Oxide provided some basic context. Then, independently, Word Made Flesh Bolivia followed-up with some thoughtful reflections of [...]

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